Meet the Staff

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Lakeisha Mathews, Director

Lakeisha oversees the Career and Professional Development Center and is responsible for fostering an “all hands on deck” approach to career development at UB. Lakeisha is a Certified Professional Career Coach, Resume Writer and Global Career Development Facilitator. As an administrator with ten years of experience in higher education, Lakeisha’s experience includes residence life, new student orientation, academic advising and career services. Mrs. Mathews views herself as a bridge between education and employment and likes to say that she has helped students gain admission into college, remain in college and exit college—with a job! | 410.837.4030

Top 5 Strengths: Achiever | Learner | Discipline | Responsibility | Relator
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Anthony Moreira, Job Development Coordinator

Anthony develops and implements the Job Location and Development Program, in addition to assisting with the numerous services the center offers. He brings more than six years in human resources and talent acquisition experience, in addition to working in student affairs during his undergraduate studies. Additionally, he is a certified career development facilitator, and desires to create career clarity for his clients. He is excited to work with UBstudents, as well as the employment community.

Connect on | 410.837.5439

Top 5 Strengths: Restorative | Context | Analytical | Harmony | Intellection

Lori Bielek, Career Coach

Lori strives to provide personalized career coaching so that students feel prepared and confident in their career development journey. Lori has advised students and alumni from a variety of majors and is skilled in social media marketing and utilizing technology for career development.  Lori acquired her M. Ed. in Higher Education Administration at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and her B.A. in Psychology and Women’s Studies at the University of Rhode Island.

Connect on | 410.837.5441

Top 5 Strengths: Adaptability | Connectedness | Ideation | Empathy | Input


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