Meet the Staff

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Lakeisha Mathews, Director
back-up career specialist, public affairs

Lakeisha oversees the Career and Professional Development Center and is responsible for fostering an “all hands on deck” approach to career development at UB. Lakeisha is a Certified Professional Career Coach, Resume Writer and Global Career Development Facilitator. As an administrator with ten years of experience in higher education, Lakeisha’s experience includes residence life, new student orientation, academic advising and career services. Mrs. Mathews views herself as a bridge between education and employment and likes to say that she has helped students gain admission into college, remain in college and exit college—with a job! | 410.837.4030

Top 5 Strengths: Achiever | Learner | Discipline | Responsibility | Relator


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Lana Veres, Assistant Director
back-up career specialist, business

Lana Veres is the Assistant Director of Employer Relations in the Career and Professional Development Center.  She has over six years of experience in the career services industry, specifically involving experiential education and recruitment. At her last institution, she worked with undergraduate students, getting them prepared for their internship experiences and connecting them to businesses within their chosen industry.  Lana feels that community engagement and relationship building is key to what she does each day.  She was very involved in her local community of Frederick, serving on a variety of leadership, education, and workforce development boards.  Being new to UB, she is eager to work with her team to generate new ideas and events, as well as build and deepen employer partnerships. Lana holds a B.A. degree in Psychology from Salisbury University and a M.A. in Human Sciences with a counseling concentration from Hood College, and is MBTI certified.

Connect on LinkedIn | 410.837.5984
Top 5 Strengths: Positivity | Strategic | Includer | Activator | Furturistic

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Leah Marousek
career specialist, public affairs

Industry Areas: Criminal Justice, Health & Human Services, and Public and International Affairs

Leah Marousek is a Career Specialist in the Career and Professional Development Center who primarily assists students from the College of Public Affairs. Inspired by her career counselor during her undergraduate years, Leah decided to pursue a life-long career in the field of student affairs. Prior to joining the CPDC team at UB, Leah started her higher education journey in career services as a Career Ambassador facilitating paraprofessional development workshops for student staff.  Aside from her background in career development, Leah has also coordinated youth partnership programs and civic engagement initiatives at the university-level. Throughout her higher education journey, Leah has had the privilege of working with both traditional and non-traditional students. As a Veteran Resource Associate, she worked directly with student veterans by helping them secure financial, housing, academic, and employment-related needs. She acquired her M. Ed. in Student Affairs Leadership at Widener University and her B.A.S. in Psychology at West Chester University. Leah is excited to help UB students grow not only professionally but personally as well by helping them discover their own strengths, interests, and goals.

Connect on LinkedIn | | 410.837.5458
Top 5 Strengths: Discipline, Relator, Developer, Restorative, Individualization 

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Jen Spencer-Heilman
career specialist, business

Industry Areas: 

Accounting, Finance, and Economics; Information Systems; Management and International Business; Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Jen Spencer Heilman is a Career Specialist within the Career and Professional Development Center, primarily assisting students within business majors. Jen acquired her M. Ed. in Student Affairs and Higher Education Administration at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and her B.S. in Sociology at Grand Valley State University. She also holds a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) certification. Born and raised in Michigan, Jen found herself relocating to Pennsylvania after completing her undergraduate studies to pursue a career in social work. As a first-generation college student and product of the TRiO programs, Jen feels passionately about working with students coming from similar backgrounds. After five years working professionally as a case manager, Jen decided it was time to seek her master’s degree. Having been inspired by her TRiO counselor in high school, she chose to pursue a life-long career working within higher education. Prior to joining the CPDC team at UB, Jen began her journey in higher education working within career services, academic advising, student success, student activities, and LGBTQ+ services.  She has since gained years of professional experience as a career and academic advisor. Jen is excited to help UB students discover their dreams, pursue their passions, and accomplish both their personal and professional goals.

Connect on LinkedIn | | 410.837.5441
Top 5 Strengths: Harmony, Restorative, Positivity, Relator, Input.

Sarah Holliday
Sarah Holliday

assistant director, career development, programming & technology
career specialist, arts and sciences

Industry Areas: Behavioral Sciences, Legal Studies, Science & Technology, and Communications Design

 Sarah Holliday is our Assistant Director of Career Development, Programming, and Technology. Prior to joining UB, she was a career counselor within the Career Center at The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC). As a career counselor, Ms. Holliday assisted students with determining their major, creating an academic road map for completion, and bridging their academic, professional, and personal goals for career success. Ms. Holliday also has experience working with both traditional and non-traditional students within a classroom. She has experience teaching freshmen seminar classes and career and life planning courses. Furthermore, she also has experience teaching accelerated developmental reading and writing courses. Ms. Holliday is very passionate about helping students and providing a safe environment for learning, growth, and career exploration.  Ms. Holliday has an A.A.T. from CCBC in Elementary Education, B.A. in English from UMBC, and an M.S. in Instructional Design Training and Performance Improvement from Walden University.

 Connect on LinkedIn  | | 410.837.5476

Top 5 Strengths: Learner| Competition| Achiever| Deliberative| Futuristic

Lori Bielek
career specialist, arts and sciences

Industry Areas: Behavioral Sciences, Legal Studies, Science & Technology, and Communications Design

Lori strives to provide personalized career coaching so that students feel prepared and confident in their career development journey. Lori has advised students and alumni from a variety of majors and is skilled in social media marketing and utilizing technology for career development.  Lori acquired her M. Ed. in Higher Education Administration at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and her B.A. in Psychology and Women’s Studies at the University of Rhode Island.

Connect on | 410.837.5441

Top 5 Strengths: Adaptability | Connectedness | Ideation | Empathy | Input


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