At the Career and Professional Development Center, we don’t just help people get jobs. We empower people to manage their own careers—a valuable asset in today’s competitive marketplace. The entire UB community—students, alumni, faculty, staff, employers, parents and families—plays a vital and collaborative role in our campus-wide commitment to the career and professional development of our students and alumni. The career path might start in college, but it should never really end. It’s a lifelong journey that we invite you to embark upon with our support and encouragement as you become an agent of your own success.

Students and Alumni: Turn your experience at UB into real-world career success. Discover where you are in the Career Cycle to see what you can do to land that first job, transition to a new career or get that promotion at work.

Employers: Partner with us to find UB-grown talent. Use our UBworks database to post opportunities and set up on-campus recruiting . Talk to our students about your organization and about how they can meet your needs.

Faculty and Staff: Let your connections and experience inspire your students. Share industry information, job openings or career advice. Request a class presentation from our staff on any number of job-related topics. Arrange staff development seminars for your department. Use our services to further your own career.

Parents and Families: Encourage your students to dream big (and tell them to visit us). Let them help pay tuition with a job or internship while studying at UB. Allow us to help them choose a path. And don’t let them wait until their last year to plan their career. Learn how we can help at any stage in your student’s career development process.


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