Engage Your Network

By Brittany Walker, Graduate Assistant


So, you are new to the job search process? Stuck on how to transition into a career straight from earning your degree? Look no further than…who’s around you. That’s right, the individuals you are already connected with could serve as a fundamental resource in securing your dream job.


As career coaches, a frequent sentiment shared between students is for them to connect more with their network. Individuals of previous and/or current professional experiences, professors, colleagues, or even former business acquaintances can prove helpful in raising one’s awareness to available job opportunities. The necessary steps to engage your network can be found below:


  • Update Your LinkedIn
    • Take a new profile photo: Research shows that an inviting photo attracts 14 times more viewers to your profile. Choosing an image that is as close to your likeness as possible and appropriately fills the frame helps improve one’s likeability to potential employers. In addition, inviting, solid colors and a warm smile contributes to one’s branding techniques. Don’t be scared to invest in just the right photo to increase your chances of catching a recruiter’s eye.


  • Profile reflects your resume: Don’t think of your LinkedIn and resume as two completely different tools. Maximize your effectiveness by accurately displaying your professional, education, and/or volunteer experiences by mirroring information on your resume. One should be updated the same time as another as you are constantly involved in building skills and accomplishing tasks at your current experiences.


  • Notify Your Network
    • Update your summary on your LinkedIn profile! Make clear that you are seeking experiences in your industry of choice. Drop hints to those in your network and send them your resume to check over. This way, others are knowledgeable about what you have accomplished and what you would like to achieve in your field. They are now more likely to send any opportunities your way because you’ve advocated for yourself.


Lastly, remember to always engage your network. Find creative ways to stay in contact with individuals even after you have obtained your desired position. If there is anyway for you to provide your expertise or assist a fellow professional, be sure to extend yourself. Always remind your network of your appreciation for them and by doing so, you’ll remain at the forefront of the employment conversation when your interests and job searches are concerned.


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