Book of the Month: What Color is Your Parachute – A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers

By: Lakeisha Mathews, CPRW, CPCC, GCDF

Explore the World of Work is the second phase of the UB Career Cycle.  In this phase of the cycle, students are encouraged to conduct research of the marketplace, gain knowledge about their preferred industry and gain experience.  This month’s book, What Color is Your Parachute is a New York Times best seller and a great book to read while working on your exploration of the world of work.  The author, Richard Bolles, provides job seekers with a robust set of tools, tips, and strategies to land their next job opportunity including how to choose a career, dealing with career barriers, developing a resume, conducting a successful job interview and making a career change.  The heart of the book is the Flower Activity which helps job seekers assess their interests and preferred company culture.

Flower Exercise.png

Below is a top ten list of insightful tips provided in What Color is Your Parachute:

  1. You may have 3 -5 careers in your lifetime and you will go job hunting every 1 – 3 years (pg. 18)
  1. Five worst ways to look for a job: using the internet, mailing out resumes randomly, answering ads in journals, answering newspaper ads and using private employment agencies. (pg. 11)
  1. Five best ways to hunt for a job: asking for job leads, directly contacting an employer; conducting outreach to contacts, participating in a job search groups, and doing a life0chaingin job-hunt. (pg. 14)
  1. Viewing every person you know and meet as a contact. (pg. 74)
  1. Never speaking badly about your previous employers during an interview. (pg. 91)
  1. Understanding that a degree alone will not get you a job. (pg. 183)
  1. Ask yourself: What skills do you most enjoy using; where do you want to use those skills; and how do you find jobs that use your favorite skills in your favorite field? (pg. 252)
  1. Have a plan “B”. (pg. 346)
  1. How can you use your talents to help solve societal ills and community issues? (pg. 360)
  1. Take a career assessment or test. (pg. 161)






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