Is your resume demonstrating your BEST assets?

By: Lori Moss Bielek

Many people create a resume with a list of their previous job tasks.  I challenge you to make your resume work for you by highlighting your accomplishments.

Let me give you an example of a task statement:

  • Planned events for the office

And how it can be improved with an accomplishment statement:

  • Raised $10,000 by selling out tickets to a 100-person charity event

Here is another job task:

  • Assumed manager duties

and see it transformed into an accomplishment statement:

  • Supervised a staff of 7 employees and increased morale and productivity with monthly professional development initiatives

Can you see the difference?

Most employers receive several more resumes for a job posting than they could possibly hire.  What makes you stand out?  Why should they hire you? Don’t simply tell them, show them. Check out the Career Center’s resource on accomplishment statements for more guidance on how to create your own polished resume.

After all, you have more to offer than a list of tasks — you have strengths, skills, education and experiences that make you a strong candidate.  So prove it by demonstrating your accomplishments!


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