Digital Spring Cleaning: 10 Things Not to Do On Social Media


As more people utilize social media for job hunting, employers are also checking out applicants’ online image on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  If you want to keep your image professional, here are some suggestions on what you should avoid when posting messages and pictures on social media.

  1. Complain about a specific person.  You never want what you say online to come back to haunt you. Don’t use social media to vent about your family, co-workers or friends by name.


2. Posting a picture without permission is not very polite.  Always ask permission before you post someone’s picture to any social network site to respect their privacy.


3. Tagging someone in an embarrassing photo.  Put yourself in the other person’s position; would you want someone seeing you looking awkward? 


4. Writing a negative post about a non-public figure.  Have you heard if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?  The same is true for posting negative messages.


5. Making any sexual references or racial slurs.  This goes without saying.  One should never make inappropriate sexual references or racial slurs in any context. 


6. Relationship problems.  Sharing information such as this of a sensitive nature is TMI or too much information.   


7. Swearing/graphic language is never appropriate on or off line. 


8. Arguing.  Going back and forth in a conversation through Twitter or Facebook posts is not appropriate on any level that involves onlookers. 


9. Harassment or cyber bullying of anyone can be considered a criminal act if someone feels threatened. 


10.Making indirect comments about someone directly.  Also known as throwing “shade” by posting messages with inferences to an individual or group is not a good look. 


Remember your online image is just as important to your professional brand and reputation; therefore, be conscientious when sharing information on yourself and posting messages about others. 

Lisa Punter, PDI Coordinator


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