Internship Profile

Chris + Pig.jpg

Name: Chris Wise

Major: Environmental Sustainability

Company Name: Center for Environmental Farming Systems




What skills do you have that gave you an advantage in securing this internship?              

I gained a deep understanding of designing and implementing sustainable agricultural methods and the reasons for why sustainable agriculture is a top priority for the 21st century. I also gained firsthand experience in designing agricultural research projects to test the sustainability of farm plots and different types of agriculture.


What are the steps you took to land your internship? 

I have worked on a few farms in the past which was a definite help, though not a requirement (we had plenty of interns who hadn’t worked on farms before). Good grades put my resume to the top of the pile as well as having a relevant major. The biggest thing however was a genuine interest in sustainable agriculture, and at the end of the day that is why all the interns were chosen.

What did you do as an intern at the company you worked at? 

Field labor in the morning, classes in the afternoon, research after lunch, go to bed, rinse and repeat.


What did you enjoy about your internship? 

The people. Farming and agriculture brings a wide variety of humans together and everyone has an interesting backstory and something to teach. We were instructed by Professors with PhD’s in Agriculture, Soil, Entomology, Forestry, Sociology, Economics, Third-World Development, right alongside former Peace-Core members, high school graduates with decades of experience in their respective fields, foreign farmers, and way more people than I can list.


What was challenging about your internship? 

North Carolina summer heat is a killer, especially when physical labor is involved. Figuring out how to work in research teams when everyone is a different academic discipline, and how to come at the research from your own perspective AND explain it in a way that the other members of your team can understand.


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