Internship Profile

Amrita Minhas Photo

Name:  Amrita Minhas

Major:  Global Affairs and Human Security

Company Name:  Amnesty International


What skills do you have that gave you an advantage in securing this internship?

I had prior experience in campaign work as well experience working with victims of domestic violence. They also liked that I had experience in writing for media outlets.


What are the steps you took to land your internship? 

I researched the organization extensively and made sure I was caught up with current news dealing with the campaigns/issues I would be working on. I also made sure to tailor my resume and cover letter to highlight experience/skills they were looking for.


What did you do as an intern at the company you worked at? 

I was an intern in the Identity and Discrimination Unit so I worked on campaigns concerning women and children’s rights, religious rights and LGBT rights. I wrote blog posts about current issues and put together activist toolkits for Amnesty members and member leaders to use in their grassroots campaigns.


What did you enjoy about your internship? 

I really enjoyed researching and writing about issues that are important to me. I especially liked putting together the toolkits because I realized how helpful they are to young activists trying to make a difference.


What was challenging about your internship? 

Sometimes it was a little difficult figuring out how to manage my time with interning, work and class, but ultimately it was 100% worth it!


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