Internship Profile


Name:  Akash Patel

Major:  Accounting

Company Name(s):   Legg Mason

Stoy, Malone & Company



What skills do you have that gave you an advantage in securing this internship?            

LM:  Teamwork, time management and Microsoft Office were the major selling points along with a little Accounting and IT background.

SMC:  Customer service and relationship building skills that I learned from my previous jobs.


What are the steps you took to land your internship? 

LM:  Attended the Career Fair, applied through UBWorks and connected with the recruiters through LinkedIn.

SMC:  Attended the Accounting Career Fair, took the recruiter’s business card and contacted them personally.  Additionally, I applied for the position through UBWorks.


What did you do as an intern at the company you worked at? 

LM:  I was highly involved in the Money Market Project, Dealer Service Distribution List Project and Data Mining.  I also conducted Excel training.

SMC:  Completed individual tax returns during the busy tax season.


What did you enjoy about your internship? 

LM:  The opportunity to learn and work with teams.

SMC:  Time management and pacing yourself during the busy tax season was highly important.  I learned how to manage my time very well and I enjoyed this new and crazy experience.


What was challenging about your internship? 

LM:  Juggling back and forth from one project to another.  It required great time management skills.

SMC:  Not having enough knowledge about the tax rules and regulations which led to asking many questions throughout the internship.  However, I learned a lot from asking these questions.


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