Internships: Insight, Opportunity, and Lasting Effects


My first internship took place in the summer of 2000 at 91.5 FM WBJC, a small classical radio station located in an even smaller studio at the Baltimore City Community College. For several weeks I spent time shadowing the station’s Program Director, Jonathan Palevsky as he planned air time schedules, interviewed classical musicians and designed the station’s print program guide. At the time, I was majoring in communications at the University of Maryland College Park and anxious to gain some experience. Looking back, I can say that my internship with WBJC had three lasting effects on my career:

  1. Insight: I gained valuable insight into the career of radio broadcasting. I learned how air time schedules are digitally generated, observed the mechanics of broadcast and sound equipment, and interviewed musicians. On the bright side, I learned how a radio station operates, however, my experience also helped me determine that radio broadcasting was not an industry I wanted to pursue.


  1. Opportunity: As an intern I had the opportunity to co-write an article for the radio station’s program guide on Bach’s Goldberg Variations. Upon completion the article was accepted and published in the November – December 2000 WBJC Program Guide and distributed in the local community. A few months later, when I had returned to campus, I received a small package from the station containing a letter of thanks from one of the station’s patrons who appreciated the article.


  1. Lasting Effects: My internship with WJBC has had lasting effects on my career that are still relevant today. First, I realized that broadcasting was not a good fit for me and turned my attention to other industries and occupations of interest. Second, I had the opportunity to get published and began building my portfolio. Finally, I was able to impact the station’s patrons and make a lasting impression on the local classical music community.


To this day I have a file which contains the published WBJC Program Directory and patron letter. Personally, I am forever grateful that an internship that only lasted for a few weeks have had a lasting impact on my career.


By: Lakeisha Mathews, Director, Career and Professional Development Center
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