Creating Your Opportunity, Making Things Happen – What Do You Want To Do?

career_cycle_4Today’s career climate has, and continues to change for young professionals and fresh graduates. The pathway from college to career has become non-linear, and many students/alumni are trying to juggle passions with profit, which can be difficult. I graduated from my undergraduate program during one of the roughest economic times in recent history. Opportunities to obtain a decent, major related, entry-level job was not a realistic possibility based on a number of factors, including my own lack of strategy.  Today’s career minded student must devote conscious time, effort, and resources when possible to “create their opportunity”, and clearly answer the question of not only what do you want to be? , but more importantly, what do you want to do?

As a young -graduate. I decided to devote my time to gaining invaluable experiences through interning (paid and unpaid), volunteering, building and maintaining contact with professionals, and seeking opportunities to continue my education. The summation of these efforts led to opportunities in new geographic regions.

What is your strategy for creating your opportunity?

To current professionals, and students, if your strategy for achieving career success does not include engaging and building your personal professional network, joining professional associations, and seeking additional learning opportunities, you may not be maximizing resources available to you!

Through our award winning Career Cycle, the Career and Professional Development Center provides students and alumni with tools, events, and resources to create their opportunity. Tools like Interview stream, an online tool to help students prepare for that big interview, and UBworks, our online database to assist students and alumni in finding job and internship opportunities that match their interests, allow for continued development with interview skills and the identification of career opportunities. In tandem, services like SavorUB, allow students to connect, and network with UB alumni to engage and learn more about life after graduation.

“Creating your Opportunity” is a state of mind that can be used time and time again, for career changers and entry level professionals alike. We here at the University of Baltimore CPDC are happy to assist!


By: Anthony Moreira, Job Development & Recruitment Coordinator



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