How To Communicate What Do You Want To Do and Be

career_cycle_3In honor of National Career Development Month, the Career and Professional Development has posed the question to the UB campus community, “What Do You Want to Do and What Do You Want to Be?” Once you sit down and think about what it is you want to do with your life and how your chosen profession will impact society, then you need to focus on next steps for yourself. At the top of your To Do list, you need to consider the “Communicate Your Brand” phase of the UB Career Cycle. It is very important that the image that you project to the professional world is one that continues to display you in a positive fashion. To have an effective brand, concentrate on the 3 following areas:

Write Your Resume – In order for you to truly embark upon “What Do You Want To Do,” you need to have a document that clearly reflects what you have done! Your resume communicates your brand in writing and it needs to show how you are a great candidate for the position that you are applying for. Incorporate accomplishment statements along with your job description to make you stand out amongst the other applicants. Ensure the accomplishments include numbers which quantify the things you have done in your previous places of employment. Please remember the goal of your resume is to obtain an interview and this document needs to represent you in a way that helps you achieve that very same goal.

Build An Online Presence – Have you ever googled yourself? If not, please take an opportunity to do so. Be aware of the fact that employers can do the same type of research as well. They can also view your Facebook page, Instagram profile and Twitter account. With that being said, your online presence needs to be void of any negative images. Invest time in creating an effective LinkedIn profile that is viewable by the employment community and that distinctively conveys what you want to be and do. Keep in mind that you can obtain jobs and internships on LinkedIn with a great profile. Also, another method of establishing a good presence online is contributing to a blog or creating your own blog. This would be a unique way to showcase and highlight your professional skills to a potential employer.

Promote Yourself – Now that you have communicated your brand in writing and online, you now need to verbalize who you are and what you can do. Take advantage of any and every opportunity to interact with individuals that are in the same industry that you want to work within. Get involved with student organizations on campus and seek out department programming that will bring you in contact with professionals. Attend company information sessions and career fairs sponsored by the Career and Professional Development Center that will provide you with a chance to deliver your pitch to prospective employers. Remember that networking is a key component to communicating your brand.

Following these crucial steps in exposing yourself to the professional world will have beneficial effects on your career progression. Keep in mind that in order to effectively embrace what you want to do and what you want to be, you must be able to communicate that message as well!


By: Charles Jennings, Jr., Associate Director for Employer Relations


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