Celebrating Business Etiquette

Small Design_Blog ImageAccording to The Protocol School of Washington, one week in June is set aside to celebrate National Business Etiquette Week. The UB Career and Professional Development Center has decided to celebrate business etiquette the week of June 8th. We hope that you will join us in thinking about your skill at displaying professionalism, manners and etiquette in business situations. In business, it’s not only what you know, or how good you are at your trade, it’s also how well you can communicate and get along with others. Join us throughout the week of June 8th to celebrate National Business Etiquette Week as we provide tips and resources on:

  • Dining Etiquette
  • Dressing for Success
  • Developing a Professional Online Image
  • Civility and Manners

In addition, the CPDC will be posting business etiquette tips on the campus plasma’s and daily digest throughout the week. We will also offer daily tips and resources on our blog, CareerBuzz. And, if you stop by our office you can see the National Business Etiquette Week display which will feature a formal dining setting.

Moreover, look out for our annual Business Etiquette Dinner scheduled for November 2015 and our Be Ready: Professional Development Workshop Series which occurs every semester. The Etiquette Dinner will help you refine and sharpen your dining skills and prepare you for your next lunch interview. The Be Ready workshops provide a series of professional development topics such as: Interview Preparation, Networking and How to Work a Career Fair.

Happy National Business Etiquette Week!

By: Lakeisha Mathews, CPDC Director


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