Delta Epsilon Iota Inaugural Kick-Off

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Wednesday evening (Feb 18th), the Delta Epsilon Iota (DEI) Academic Honor Society Alpha Xi Delta Chapter at the University of Baltimore held its inaugural event and new member reception at the John & Frances Angelos Law Center’s Moot Court Auditorium. The ceremony established DEI as the first Maryland-based chapter confirming over 300 new members. DEI Academic Honor Society was established in order to identify and encourage scholars whose Dedication, Enthusiasm, and Initiative distinguish them as models of achievement, leadership, and service and offering valuable insight into career development issues.

Nuria Rodriguez Padro, DEI Chapter President, began the ceremony with an opening welcome emphasizing the significance of the chapter’s service to students seeking recognition, access to employment opportunities, as well as the society’s values and career driven focus. Keynote speaker, Sheila Higgs Burkhalter, UB Associate VP of Student Affairs, reinforced the DEI values stating, “When you get there, [referring to members accomplishments in leadership] reach back and lend a hand to someone else.” Her passionate and heartfelt address encouraged the DEI UB chapter to “dream big… you can do great things!”

David Escobar, National Representative and DEI Chapter Liaison, further solidified DEI’s commitment to career development initiatives adding how “we strive to bridge students with the Career Center and employers.” He encouraged the new members to “take the lead; the Honor Society is what you make of it.” He proceeded to announce the names of each new member present and their major, as the UB chapter was chartered with the signing in of new members. Following the charter ceremony, the DEI UB leadership awards were presented; and the first ever chapter leadership award established in Nuria’s honor was awarded and established for annual presentation as the Nuria Rodriguez Padro Chapter Leadership Award.

Lisa Punter, DEI Chapter Advisor and Professional Development Institute Coordinator (PDI), closed the ceremony embracing the new members’ “diversity… as the first of many things to include inspiration, drive, and success.” “Involvement in the UB DEI local chapter is one of the most important aspects of membership,” she confirmed. Participation provides a forum for leadership, involvement in the community, and a valuable insight into career issues through meetings, programs, and special events.

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By: Michael Love                                                                                                                         CPDC Liaison for DEI


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